A word from our Chairman

40 years of commitment to childhood



Jean-Paul Berthomé, President of the Mustela Foundation and Laboratoires Expanscience,
enumerates the commitments of the Mustela Foundation.


“Encouraging research work or projects on child development and parenting around the world” has been the Mustela Foundation’s mission since it was founded... forty years ago!


Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Mustela Foundation provides support first of all by awarding university grants to students or experienced research workers. Since 1982, the Foundation has funded over 210 projects in the areas of psychology, sociology, psychiatry, pediatrics, history and, since 2012, maieutics. In the last few years, the Maieutics Research Grant has been awarded in Belgium, Turkey and Spain.


The Mustela Foundation also promotes field-work projects in the area of social pediatrics and periodically provides support to childhood assistance associations or to meet an urgent healthcare situation, depending on the projects submitted.


Finally, the Mustela Foundation encourages prevention in the area of public health through the online publication of information on childcare, obstetrics and pediatrics. Designed for families, these interactive publications discuss various topics, such as healthcare during pregnancy, helping babies fall asleep and exposure to screens.


Through the Mustela Foundation, an institution with a disinterested societal mission, we commit daily, with discretion and perseverance, to supporting research and field actions that promote child development.

Jean-Paul Berthomé
President of the Mustela Foundation