A word from our Chairman

International ambition



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Jean-Paul Berthomé, Chairman of the Mustela Foundation and CEO of Laboratoires Expanscience, reflects on the international ambition of the Mustela Foundation.

More than 37 years after it was founded, the Mustela Foundation remains true to its primary objective: lending support to (future) early childhood professionals as well as families.
To this effect, in 2019, we supported 14 research projects in the fields of psychology, midwifery and pediatrics amounting to 59,500 euros. Since 1982, we have provided aid for 194 projects. In a testament to our high profile, each year we receive an average of 100 submissions for prizes or grants awarded by our institution.
Brochures, posters, booklets: we annually distribute tens of thousands of copies of our informational and educational resources.
In addition, our online presence is rapidly expanding, with the digital publication of interactive media on a variety of pediatric topics: first days at home with baby, hygiene, pace of life and diet of a child, etc.

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On the ground, our ambition is to develop the Mustela Foundation internationally. Already effective in Belgium, Poland and Spain, the Maieutics Prize was launched in 2019 in Turkey.


Lastly, in addition to the projects set up directly by the Mustela Foundation, Laboratoires Expanscience’s subsidiaries are actively embarking on numerous initiatives worldwide.
Jean-Paul Berthomé
Chairman of the Mustela Foundation
CEO, Laboratoires Expanscience