Burkina Faso : Supporting child development

In 2019, the Mustela Foundation provided support for two local associations in Burkina Faso.


Through the Association Nature et Culture , which serves as a link to the local Craftwomen’s Union in the town of Gassan, the Mustela Foundation provided 1,500 euros for the purchase of food for the cafeteria, teaching kits and supplies for the daycare center in Gassan (known as “Bisongo” in the local language).


Nearly 50 children benefit from this daycare center, which helps them develop with an appropriately designed preschool program, receive regular meals and stay in a safe environment that is adapted to their age, allowing their moms to work with full peace of mind.


With AZN (the Zoramb Naagataaba inter-community association) in Guiè, the Mustela Foundation supports the Early Childhood Program through 5,000 euros in funding. This program includes a Center for the Protection of Children in Distress (CAED), which has a nursery, runs a foster family initiative and features a training center, the Training School for Early Childhood Assistants (EFAPE).



Around fifty babies and toddlers benefit from this program, which allows improving their quality of life, their environment and the quality of care provided for them, while training the nursery supervisors.