Spain : Study on breastfeeding among women having undergone caesarean section

In Spain, Rocío Lira Raggio, from the hospital in Seville, won the 2017 Maieutics Prize worth 6,000 Euros for his research into the comparison between women who underwent an emergency caesarean section and those who underwent elective caesarean section, in the initiation of breastfeeding. 


rocio-lira-raggio.jpg, par admin-fondation-larcade

In Spain, only 28.5% of children aged six months are exclusively breastfed – a figure that is far removed from the 50% threshold recommended by the World Health Organization. As for caesarean sections, they are performed in 26% of deliveries. However, notes Rocío Lira Raggio, “caesarean section is the most significant risk factor for breastfeeding initiation” (however, once it has started, the breastfeeding rate is identical at six months regardless of the childbirth method). Furthermore, the difference between emergency and elective caesarean sections, in terms of the women's experience and any correlation with breastfeeding, is little understood.

Rocío Lira Raggio thus seeks to describe their situation, and identify their needs as well as their appreciation of the support provided by healthcare professionals. This qualitative study will help improve guidance for women having given birth by caesarean section, especially to facilitate the early stages of breastfeeding.

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