Belgium : Psychosocial programme for vulnerable pregnant women

In Belgium, in 2017, the midwife Katrien Beeckman received the Maieutics Prize, for 8,000 Euros, for her observational prospective study evaluating the effects of a psychosocial support programme in addition to standard care, among socially disadvantaged female patients.    


katrien-beeckman.jpg, par admin-fondation-larcade

This specific programme consists of 4 additional visits to the midwife and welfare nurse in Kind en Gezin, and a home visit. The additional psychosocial support ensures the patient is at the centre of her care with close attention being paid to the mother-child dyad. This approach represents an attempt to minimise the obstacles between patients and available care. The patients receive personalised information in order to promote an optimal healthcare path while reducing perceived levels of stress. Also, support for related administrative tasks is also offered.