France : Prizes and research grants

Each year since 1982, the Mustela Foundation has bestowed awards and research grants in France in support of initiatives likely to be of interest to the general public and to have practical applications for childcare professionals:


Research Grants

The Mustela Foundation’s Research Grants help to fund doctoral and post-doctoral research across a wide range of academic fields, including psychology, sociology, the clinical humanities and psychiatry, as they apply to perinatal care, parenthood and child development.

  • Grant amount: €12,000
  • 2015 grant recipients:
    • Marie-Anastasie AIM whose thesis was on the development of social images of health among children and adolescents aged 8 to 15 – in other words, how children come to “see” health.
    • Charlène Guéguen for her doctorate in clinical psychology on “the reshaping of marital relationships and parental involvement upon becoming a parent.


Research Action Award

The Mustela Foundation’s Research Action Award is given in support of innovative initiatives carried out by practitioners in the field and/or researchers. Each year, the Science Committee proposes a new topic for the Research Action Award.

  • Grant amount: €8,000
  • 2015 recipient:
    • Sandrine AMARE, for her project entitled “Social and family intervention technicians during the perinatal period: providing support to parents to ensure the welfare of children. What specific skills will help improve our ability to recognize situations of vulnerability and provide support in the home to families confronted with problems in the mother-child relationship?


Maieutics Prize

Given in partnership with the French National College of Midwives, the Mustela Foundation’s Maieutics Prize supports researchers who are developing and conducting studies in maieutics in order to improve perinatal health. Two grants are awarded exclusively to research projects in maieutics that are initiated by midwives as part of their academic training (masters, thesis or post-doctoral research).

  • Grant amount: €10,000
  • 2015 recipient:
    • Hélène MALMANCHE for her project entitled: “Body, childbirth, filiation: the institution of contemporary parenthood.
    • Rémi BERANGER for his project entitled: “Exposure of pregnant women to fungicides and intra-uterine growth.


Social Pediatrics Prize

Awarded in partnership with the French Pediatrics Society (SFP), the Mustela Foundation’s Social Pediatrics Prize provides support for a project led by a pediatric team in the field that aids children up to the age of 12 within their environment and is designed to improve their health and family life and strengthen their ties with the community. 

  • Grant amount: €10,000
  • 2015 recipient:
    • Dr. Valentina DELL'ORTO, for her project entitled “Preventing feeding problems in premature newborns in neonatal intensive care.