Our mission and commitment

Working with healthcare professionals
in support of children 

Established in 1982 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Mustela Foundation promotes research and other projects on child development and parenting worldwide.



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Today, as it has for 39 years, the Mustela Foundation supports research by awarding university grants to both students and experienced researchers. To date, it has supported 203 projects in the fields of psychology, sociology, psychiatry, pediatrics and maiuetics.
In 2018, the Mustela Foundation launched an Awakening of the Senses Research Grant to finance fundamental or applied research projects on awakening of the senses among children.
The Mustela Foundation is also highly committed to work in the field through its support for organizations that act on behalf of children.
Since 1986, the Mustela Foundation has also been working to promote prevention and education in public health, by distributing literature on childcare, obstetrics and pediatrics and publishing guides and, more recently, interactive instructional modules on the Internet.
In addition, the Mustela Foundation has expanded its field of action to other countries rather than restricting its commitments to France. This includes long-term support for a humanitarian partner abroad that is committed to fostering the mother-child relationship. All of this is supplemented by local actions in countries where Laboratoires Expanscience has a subsidiary.