France : La Chrysalide, a shelter for young mothers and their children

The Chrysalide is a mother-and-child center associated with a crèche that opened in 2006 in Bobigny (93), which has the mission of ending the aimlessness and violence experienced by young women and their children. The women accommodated by the center are between 18 and 25 years old, and are pregnant or mothers of one to three children of which one is at least three years old. 


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In a context of increased socio-economic insecurity, the Chrysalide provides an answer to an increasing number of debilitated women on their own, to help them get back on their feet psychologically and physically. It enables young women to end their isolation and gives them the ability to have their children go to school and follow their development.


This mother-and-child center set up by Asmae – a sœur Emmanuelle association – received a €15,000 grant from the Mustela Fundation in 2019.


“We are proud to contribute our support to the La Chrysalide project, and as such contribute to the work of a long-standing partner again, Asmae, the actions of which mirror the civic commitment the Mustela Fundation has made for over more than 35 years”, states Chantal Larcade, Delegate General to the Fondation Mustela.