Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis affects an average of one in ten children today. But parents are not powerless against the disease. In the three episodes of this cartoon, a young boy and his parents learn a host of practical tips involving hygiene, clothing, diet and athletics for children aged two and up.

A cartoon to raise awareness
about atopic dermatitis

In partnership with Dr. Carlo Gelmetti, director of the pediatric dermatology unit at Milan’s Maggiore hospital, the Mustela Foundation has created a cartoon to educate children and their families about atopic dermatitis, a condition that affects some 10% of children in Western countries (the figure varies between 5% and 25% depending on the study) and is said to be responsible for approximately 80% of asthma cases.
Over three episodes, the seven-minute cartoon describes the nature of the condition and the constraints it imposes in terms of hygiene, clothing, diet, and athletic activities.
It is highly educational and designed for children as young as 2 who have atopic dermatitis, as well as their siblings and entire family.

Episode 1: "It's itchy!"

Episode 2: "It's not that bad!"

Episode 3: "It really isn't a game..."


For a further look:

Brochure "Atopic dermatitis"

Tip sheet on atopic dermatitis to help parents learn more about the subject.