France : Book for parents-to-be with the association “Pâtes au beurre”

In 2017, 18,500 euros funding was granted to the association Pâtes au beurre to produce a public health booklet on the psychological aspects of pregnancy. It is aimed at mothers whose medical care, which can be a little overwhelming, often leaves out crucial psychological and emotional aspects. But it is also for fathers, who are often invited into the delivery room, but are not really involved in the whole adventure from pregnancy to birth.

Founded in 1999 in Nantes by psychologist and psychoanalyst Sophie Marinopoulos, the not-for-profit organization Pâtes au Beurre set itself the task of “taking care of parent-child relations”. She thus seeks to base the publication on her long-standing experience in guiding parents and parents-to-be: “They showed us what intimacy was really like, and how despite the best efforts of medical staff to reassure them about the health of their unborn child, worries, anxiety, strange ideas and feelings of wanting to run away or wanting everything to stop would unexpectedly appear. Thoughts that did not find their way to the surface to be expressed, offloaded and contained (...). And that is where the psychology of pregnancy lies, for both mothers and fathers”.

With 2,000 copies printed, this booklet is dotted with humorous illustrations. It is divided into two equal sections, one about mums-to-be – with chapters on pregnancy time frames, the role of hormones, sex life, etc. – and the other about dads-to-be – with chapters on men’s change of status, the role of emotions, the “unsettling weirdness” of their partner undergoing a metamorphosis, etc.